Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Havasupai (again)

I don't know exactly what it is about this place but I absolutely love it. Just over a week ago, I made my second trip down to Havasupai. And it was definitely worth the 2 days we got to spend down there, the money, and the blisters. After getting the days off work just the day before we left, I was so excited. We drove down Friday afternoon, got to the Hilltop (or trail head) at about midnight and started the ever so long night. 8 miles down and about 3-4 hours later we reach the village where the Natives live. We have to camp out in front of the tourist office and attempt to sleep while we wait for it to open. Once we pay and get our ticket thing we can finally continue 2 miles to the campground. About halfway to the campground though you get your first look:

And the picture just doesn't capture the beautiful blue color of the water and the way the morning sun hits the falls. It's spectacular.

Then hike about another half mile and you see this:

Havasu Falls

Then a half mile or so past the campground is another waterfall with quite the climb down to get to it:

Mooney Falls

I love this place and everything about it. I love that we can leave our cell phones, laptops, tv, etc behind and just enjoy the peace that these waterfalls bring. Despite the no showers, living off food you bring, (and for me that's cheese and crackers and power bars) the blisters from those dang Chacos, the squirrels, the sore muscles, and the overworked knee, I wanna go back.

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