Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

There is something about the new year that gives everyone hope and that feeling of a new day, a new start. That's kind of how I'm feeling and I am so excited for the future! I have made my goals and have put together a plan to accomplish them. The one I want to share with ya'll is one that I have set many times before and never seemed to accomplish it. The goal is to lose weight and get in the best shape ever! I joined Golds ($20 a month with no contract, who can beat that?) and I am so excited that I tell everyone that I'm now a gym member. It's great motivation to know you're paying for something so you better get the most out of it. (I've never joined a gym before) I have talked to a few friends who are into being healthy and fit and I love talking about all the fun stuff with them, like nutrition and workouts. And hanging out with a certain someone who is very into eating healthy and working out sure helps with the motivation :) And since I have been feeling so good about myself lately, I feel like I have the confidence to go to the gym and not worry about anyone else staring or judging. So I feel like it's different this time.. I'm 100% serious about this goal and I am excited to look good and feel good! Here's to a very Happy New Year and may you all have the motivation and inspiration to accomplish your goals! :)

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