Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thanks Emily!

Finally!! I know it's been awhile since I've posted something new but I've pretty much just been up to the same stuff. And I have tried not to use Natalie's computer quite so much (I need my own... mom remind me I need to talk to you about something.) Anyways, I love our new place. It's pretty nice and our room is huge compared to the other one. The only downfall is we haven't had t.v. yet and there is no microwave :( If you know me a microwave is almost essential to my diet. But I've survived. I know you all know about my little wreck on mom and dad's 4 wheeler. Well I am still sore from the fall. I'm pretty sure I landed on my shoulder pretty hard, it is still sore! But it is getting better so i'm lucky I didn't do anything real bad like break it. Ugh that would be painful.

Two weekends ago my friend Emily came and stayed with me for a couple days. It was a really fun weekend as it always is when I hang out with Emily (we go crazy sometimes) Not only was it fun but she picked a good weekend to come; a good weekend meaning I really needed it. I was in a bad mood that week so it was fun. She arrived Friday night and we ended up just staying up talking and laughing. The next day we got up and with a few friends went to Kolob Canyon to go hiking. I've worked there all summer yet I've never hiked the Taylor Creek Trail, which is a popular hike there. The hike was really pretty and the temperature was perfect considering how hot it has been in the past. Anyway, that night Natalie and I hosted a house warming party which was fun besides the fact everyone left too early because they had other things to attend. (our fault for starting it too early, I think) And once again Emily and I stayed up late talking and laughing. So I just wanted to say thanks to Emily (even though she doesn't even know I have this blog so she probably won't ever read it) for a fun weekend and helping me out. :)
I had a picture but it doesn't seem to be wanting to upload so sorry no picture this time.

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Natalie said...

Hmmmm, curious about where you are getting an internet connection... Also Sondra bought a microwave. You will have one on Thursday.