Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wow... what a week.

Hey all! Just updating in case any of you read this. I've started school and almost love it. I say almost because I enjoy going to my classes (they're so interesting) but I hate the homework and tests. I guess there's no way out of it. So my schedule has just been crazy busy with school and work. I'm only working part time but I work till ten almost every night and I am still hating my job. But oh well.... This week has been more crazy than usual. I drove to Aurora three times this week; the first and second times for doctor's appointments. For awhile I had been having problems with my car so the second time I went back to Aurora my mom made me leave my car home so my dad could try and figure out what's wrong with it. I borrowed my grandma's old oldsmobile (gotta love it) and by saturday thanks to my awesome dad my car was ok to drive. So saturday (yesterday) after a long day we made a short trip to Aurora. Yesterday my sister Amy drove down to go skiing at Brianhead and me and Natalie joined her. My first time ever and I loved it, even though I am feeling it today. We took lessons and I struggled at first but soon I was doing good. I hope to go more often since Brianhead is so close and I heard night skiing is cheaper. Well that's all for now. Hope you enjoy my fabulous stories.

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Amy said...

Thanks for skiing with me. It was fun, and you did GREAT!!