Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Long time no blogging. In case anyone cares or checks up on me, here's a few things I am looking forward to in the near future:
-Semester is almost over. I have only 3 finals and have completed all of my projects. So yah! Here's to one semester down, five more to go.
-Moving to a new place. I enjoy change and I am excited for a new place. I hope and pray I have fun roommates this time! Pray for me! :)
-Quitting Convergy's and going back to the parks, my summer job. I have spoken to the manager at Cedar Breaks and Kolob Canyon's so it is official... I am going back! Yeah! Convergy's has been on my nerves as of late so I can't wait till I can quit. The past couple days I have been called stupid and useless more than once during my shifts and I even got screamed at by a lady whom I had done everything I could for her. I almost walked out of that place and never went back but thus I need money for a deposit on my new place. So I'm thinking 3 more weeks of that place... i can't wait!
-Summer. Have a few things planned such as vacations and new goals I have set for myself to accomplish this summer. I am determined to be a runner and I am finally going to stick to it.. hopefully. Could use anyone's support by asking me how my running is coming. Please? and Thank you.
-One thing has already happened which I looked forward to and maybe I shouldn't mention it mainly because you'll probably ask questions, but a couple people who have caused so much stress in my life a of late has left Utah for the summer! YAH! Yeah, I'll miss them and they're good friends but they've been gone for 3 days so far and I already feel relieved that they're gone. I feel like it'll be easier for me to move on now. Anyways.. that is all.
Have a fabulous day! Enjoy the warmth! :)

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Liz said...

Thanks for the updates. So...are you saying Natalie is not fun? Also, how is your running going? If you are really serious about it, you should go to a running store where they watch the way you run and recommend some shoes that are best for you. I've heard that good shoes make a big difference. Anyhoo..