Monday, March 9, 2009

Totally Random

Random Thoughts and Updates on ME:
1. It's time for me to get some contacts or maybe even glasses since contacts didn't work for me the first time. I sit really close to the front in my classes and I'm squinting to see the board. I also get a lot of headaches and I've decided it's my eye sight. Also I can't see a thing while I'm driving in the dark.... you should have seen me trying to find a friend's house the other night. Wow....
2. Stomach is starting to feel better. I don't seem to get the sharp pains quite as much. I want to say it's because I'm eating better but I'm not so sure. I mean, I am eating better just not as good as I should, yet. It could also be that I'm exercising more (although I get bad pains when I run but I'm not letting that stop me.)
3. School is starting to get overwhelming. I have tons of projects for one class and the due dates are all coming up pretty fast. For example, I have to do a demonstration after spring break. I haven't decided quite yet what I want to demonstrate.... it can be anything. Most people will probably demonstrate how to make some kind of food but since that's not really my specialty I have not a clue what to do! It can be an art project, a skill such as how to shoot a basketball or how to ballroom dance. Hmmm... any ideas? It would help a lot. Also, for the same class I have to do a graduation plan. I have to write down a schedule for each semester until I graduate! I just started! Oh boy... And I have to do job shadowing (interview or job shadow 3 different people in a career I want to go into) and a resoure file with five topics that have to do with my major (again, I just started! I don't have anything to put into file.)
4. And my final thought for the day.... Life has its ups and downs and sometimes we feel like there's no one there but I have come to realize that I'm never alone. The past few weeks I have come to rely on prayer, the scriptures and LDS music more than ever. These things make me happy and they give me comfort. I always feel the spirit so strongly when I surround myself with things of the gospel. Life is good. I have the gospel, I have a wonderful family, I'm getting an education, I have a job (even though I hate it) in this economy, and I do have friends who care. I am blessed in so many ways and because of that I am happy. :)


Brenda said...

Nice to know you are good. i think you are amazing

Liz said...

Lol. LDS music? Please tell me it is not Cherie Call. I'm teasing. I am glad you are such a good example to me. I should start listening to more MoTab and less hair band.

Also, I think you should demonstrate something super cool like changing the oil in your car, something nobody else will do. Or you could demonstrate how to frame a picture. I'd like to see that demonstration myself. Picture framing is expensive.