Monday, August 10, 2009

Annoying Visitors

I keep wanting to blog about the annoying things people say or do at my work. So here it is...
Annoying Things Visitors do and Advice to Any of Who Read.
-Don't go to a national park or a monument and ask "Is the drive very scenic?" or "Is it worth it?" (Well duh! It wasn't declared a national park just because.)
-People will bring a postcard or a magnet with a picture on it to me and ask "When was this taken?" (For real! Like I know. I don't know the photographers and when they take every one of their thousands of pictures. Just don't ask.)
-Cedar Breaks is at 10,350 ft in elevation. When it is thundering and lightning we close off the main overlook because it is very dangerous. People will come in and ask "When will you be opening the point?" My answer- "I don't know!! I can't predict when the sky will clear up... don't ask."
-Speaking of weather, people will ask while at Cedar Breaks "Is it always this cold up here?" My answer- "Nope, just on the day you're here. You're special." Ok so this might be rude and it's logical for people to ask about the weather up there but it just gets so annoying.
-Don't ask me to make your decision about which road to take, if you should take the drive, or if you should stay here or there, etc, etc. I'm not you and I'm not going to tell you what to do.
-People will stand there and look at something then turn to me and say "How much are the shirts?" or "how much are the postcards?" The things are priced for a reason. Look at them! I don't have the price of every merchandise memorized.
-And finally, if you're planning a trip to visit a few of the national parks don't take your dog! They are not allowed on trails and therefore you won't be able to do much because you don't want to leave the poor dog in the hot car all by itself. Use common sense please.
Stay tuned. There may be more later. (I should tell funny stories about funny and strange people. They're quite entertaining.)


Liz said...

Wow, Aly I didn't know you had so much anger. Also, people need someone to tell them what to do. Step up to the plate girl! :)

Adam and Dev said...

Yeah for work sometimes huh...people will always ask at restaurants "What's the best thing here to eat?" It gets annoying and hard to I feel ya! Yeah for customer service! :)

p.s. I hope to see you at Chelsee's wedding reception! :)

Aly said...

Liz- No people do not need someone to tell them what to do. I can recommend places, tell the people about the places and how to get there but they expect me to make the decision of whether they should go or not. I am not making their decision for them.