Monday, August 10, 2009

Fun stuff

Hello all! Just thought I'd check in and update my blog. I thought what's the point of having a blog if you never update it so here goes. Summer is almost over, school is almost here. YAHOO! Crazy to think that I, Alyson Hales, am actually super excited for school to start and for several reasons. One- Don't have to work quite as much. Two- My classes will be awesome! Three- I'm hoping to meet more people and have more fun! Four- It means fall is on it's way which means my birthday is coming up (21!) and most excitedly the PBR is getting closer. For those of you who don't know what PBR is it is Professional Bull Riding and is held in Las Vegas. A friend and I bought tickets about a month ago and I'm so excited!! One thing on my bucket list will be crossed off. :)
I've been having lots of fun the last month and half and wish I had pictures. 4th of July was super fun which included camping with family and going to the rodeo with my friend. On the 23rd of July I attended the Kenny Chesney concert in Salt Lake and it was AMAZING! I love concerts and I love country so I definitly had a blast! I was disappointed however that Sugarland, who was suppose to be one of the opening bands, could not make it. They were the main reason I bought tickets for this concert so I was definitly bummed. It is my dream to see Sugarland in concert and I will see to it!
About a week ago I went to Park City with my sisters and my mom for our annual mother-daughter do something fun day or weekend. We did some shopping, attended the Arts Festival, and rode the alpine slide. (well 3 of us did) I really wanted to do the zip line but didn't for a few reasons. Oh well, I will have the chance again I'm sure.
This last Saturday, I got a ranger I work with at Kolob to write a non-fee pass for Zion Canyon so I could go do some hiking. I took Natalie and Dustin with me and I had a fun time and hope they did too. We rode the shuttle all the way through, which I've never done before or at least don't remember it, hiked the Emerald pool trails, ate good pizza, and watched Harry Potter on the giant screen. I wanted to do some more hiking but since Natalie just got back from her week long hiking trip to Havasupi (spelling ?) in the Grand Canyon she was a bit worn out. I'm glad they went with me though so thanks!
This Friday is my friend Chelsee's wedding and I am looking forward to seeing her and a lot of other friends too. I'm sure it will be beautiful and I am excited for Chelsee. Next week, we are planning a hiking trip on the Subway in Zion and I am way excited for that! I have wanted to do the Subway since I started working at Kolob last year. Anyways, these are just a few more things going on before school starts. I wish I had pictures of these things but my camera's been acting up and sometimes I've just forgotten to take pictures. A new camera is my birthday wish I think. Either that or it is going on my Christmas list. (FYI... Mom :)


Flores Hayes said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Flor (

Natalie said...

I did have fun, and surprisingly Dustin did too... Thanks for taking us! Next time we can hike Hidden Canyon for sure!