Monday, May 10, 2010

a few of my favorite things as of late

1. my room in my new apartment. i love it!
2. candy! (4 weeks off it was a toughie)
3. new and old friends.
4. my niece and nephew. i just love it when i get to see them!
5. dating guys that live in the same town as me.. :) ! (*side-note: long-distance relationships are horrible and no fun!)
6. dancing with the stars
7. flash forward (intense show!)
8. having a clean kitchen... finally!
9. my hair. never thought i would say i love my hair but i do! i love how long it is getting and yes i love my color! (i have been letting my natural color grow in.)
10. staying up late and sleeping in. livin it up with school over and job hasn't started yet. woot! :)

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