Monday, February 28, 2011


I have random thoughts I wanted to share/vent so here it is:
-What is with the PDA in my institute class and also the lack of the spirit? I really dislike my institute class this semester and that makes it harder to go every week. I rarely get anything out of it and comments made by the students are often pointless and drive away from the lesson the teacher is trying to teach. For example, today the lesson was on celestial dating and we were talking about flirting and the teacher asked girls to give advice to the guys on how to flirt. One girl said something like this "I'm like the guy in the situation. Like guys are the 'hunters' and that is me. I hate it when guys flirt with me; it turns me off." Really? Why do people have to share everything that comes to their mind? Some things are better left unsaid. And the engaged couple on the front row....way too much PDA for an institute class. Ugh.
-Speaking of dating, what does a girl have to do to get a guy to take her on a date? Frustrating. Dating is frustrating.


Liz said...

People are dumb. And a lot of them don't know anything about the gospel, but they think they do. Which is exactly why when I teach Relief Society, I don't let people comment! Yes, I am prideful. :)

Amy said...

Dating can be hard but so fun too. From what I understand and what Jarom has told me, guys are shy. They need a little nudging or a little nudging sometimes. You have to flirt!!! I am 90% sure Jarom & I would never had started dating so quickly after meeting if I hadn't nudged him along and flirted. Ok I might have been a little forward (not so much that he was freaked out), but it worked :)

Amy said...

I meant a little nudging or a lot of nudging. Keep your head up and make sure you are happy! Things will work out.