Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My season is over.

Two days ago I worked my last day at Kolob Canyons and three days ago was my last day at Cedar Breaks. So you're probably wondering am I sad? I wondered that too and I guess the answer is yes and no. First we'll start with why I will miss it. (1) Most would think it would be a pain to drive so far up the mountain every day to get to work and I guess gas-wise it is but I considered myself lucky. I have been able to see the mountain change as seasons have changed. June and July the meadows up there were covered in wildflowers and it was beautiful!!! Then a couple weeks ago Cedar Breaks got snow!! Last weekend it snowed saturday night and I almost thought I was going to have to call in but I woke up Sunday morning and decided to try it. Well a little ways up I found the snow-plow truck and followed it all the way up which I felt much better about the drive. I didn't slide once! And the drive was absolutely beautiful! It was my favorite part of the whole season and I wished I could have stopped and took pictures but considering it was really icy I decided against that. Some of the leaves were still yellow and those mixed in with the white, snow-covered trees was gorgeous! I loved it. (When I got up there a few of the rangers had called in and said they weren't coming in because of the snow but since I made it up just fine they decided to stay open.) (2) The second reason I'll miss it is the people I've gotten to know while working with. And it's mostly the people at Cedar Breaks I'll miss. They have been fun and I've enjoyed working with them.
Mainly the reason why I won't miss it is because it did get boring most days and I was at the point where I was annoyed with every person that walked in and asked the same questions everyone else did. I guess that's the problem with working with the public especially tourists and foreigners. Little things bothered me and on Monday I could not wait to get out of there!!!

So now I am without a job and I am getting really sick of job searching. :( I feel like I've applied everywhere! But I really need a job so I can't give up till I get one. I pray and hope something will turn up!

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Brenda said...

Hey, I know I'm just your mom, but something will come up. You have alot to offer someplace. Keep your head up and smile