Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tagged. (i'm bored)

Lucky #7
7 Things I can do...
7. I can eat the same thing every day
6. I can text
5. I can drive stick
4. I can play the flute (it's been awhile)
3. I can clean
2. I can watch football and love it
1. I can do western swing and line dances

7 Things I can't do...
7. I can't focus on one thing for very long
6. I can't cook unless it's macaroni and cheese or scrambled eggs
5. I can't play racquetball very well (learned that last night)
4. I can't stand job searching
3. I can't do the splits
2. I can't say no to pizza factory
1. I can't play the guitar (but i would like to)

7 Things I LOVE about Utah
7. It's beautiful
6. My home
5. The mountains
4. The people
3. The weather (4 seasons)
2. The snow!
1. The mountains (i know. i already said that. )

7 Things I say the most often are...
7. Ick
6. Lame
5. No, no luck yet
4. I'm bored.
3. HEY!
2. You're awesome.
1. I'm getting annoyed with...

7 Celebrity Admirations...
7. Leona Lewis
6. Ellen Degeneres
5. Garth Brooks
4. Amanda Bynes
3. Nick Zano
2. Julie B. Beck
1.President Monson

7 Favorite Foods...
7. Pasta
6. String cheese
5. pizza
4. Peanut Butter
3. No bake cookies
2. Bread
1. Bagels n' cream cheese

7 People to tag.. umm.... anyone.

1 comment:

Adam and Dev said...

I hear you about job-searching. I absolutely DREAD it everytime I'm looking for a job! Hope you are doing well. Have you started your hair school yet?