Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Thoughts for the Day

1. The ladies at the public library in Cedar City are NOT friendly whatsoever. (At least not to me, I try to say hello and smile but I get nothing back. )
2. There are some STRANGE people in the world. (And there are quite a few of them in my training class.)
3. I dislike Halloween. It is pointless and it is dumb. (Except for maybe when the little kids dress up, that's just cute!)
4. I am so so so grateful for my parents, my family and the Gospel.
5. Being in a room full of very LOUD people annoys me to no end and gives me a major headache.
6. I miss decorating buses for cheer. (We had to decorate our training classroom today at work and it reminded me of that.)
7. Anything I eat hurts my stomach except for maybe fruits and vegetables but when I eat those I had something else with it. So I think I may go on a fruits and vegetables only diet. (Hmmm... I'll have to think about that some more, It would be extremely hard for me and would take a lot of effort.)
8. I need some more friends down here... maybe some fun roommates would be nice.

That's all for now. Have a great day!


Amy said...

Make sure you do a lot of reading about being a vegan so that you know how to get all of your vitamins and minerals. Also, did you ever try gluten-free pasta, breads, etc?

Cardine said...

Yeah, I like the handing out candy part of Halloween. That's fun. There were a few times this week when all I craved was fruit and vegetables. But it didn't last the whole week.

I have a lot of salad to eat at my house. You should come over sometime. Do you like spinach?

Liz said...

Most things make my stomach hurt, but usually eating fast food or greasy food makes it a lot worse. I've been eating a lot of progresso soup with vegetables in it and sometimes chicken. That seems to work out.

Jackie said...

You miss decorating buses? There's lots of cheer memories I miss but not those buses. Keep in touch.