Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I LOVED this concert!!! It was so amazing! It was the top ten and each one sang about three songs except David A and David C, they sang about four or five. Every single one of these singers sounded so good... I decided it's so much better to hear someone live than T.V. David Archuleta is still the most popular I think. In between his songs he couldn't even talk because everyone was screaming so loud and wouldn't stop! Anyways, yes Mom this concert was worth the drama, the money, and the drive. It was awesome!!!

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Jackie Burr said...

Hey, I somehow ran into your blog. Did you go to the concert in Vegas? We went to the one in SLC last night. Oh, my! It was great. I think I want to spend the rest of the summer following that tour bus throughout American. It looks like your having fun in Cedar City. Miss you!