Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Las Vegas

This picture is kind of weird cause it's sideways and upside down but I actually really like it. Anyways this weekend was so much fun!! First on Saturday we arrived in Vegas at about 4:00 and after Mat tried to give us directions to his house but then decided to just meet us somewhere and have us follow him we made it to his house. FYI he has a pretty nice place and a very nice truck!!! Then Mat took us to dinner at Olive Garden. (his treat even) After the concert we ended up just chilling and watching a movie at Mat's house. On Sunday after we were slow getting up and getting ready so by 12 or so we decided that we might as well do something while we were there (Emily was fine driving back to SLC late.) So thanks to Mat he drove us down the strip so we could take pictures and stuff. It was really fun and I enjoyed the weekend a lot. But I have my awesome cousin to thank for letting us stay at his house and buying us dinner and driving us around. I owe him big!!!

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Amy said...

Didn't you go to a concert? Surely American Idols Live was more fun than cruising the strip LOL :)