Thursday, July 17, 2008

Red heads becoming extinct?

So as you all know, I have always hated being a red head. I have dyed my hair so many times just to hide that I was a red head. Finally in April, I decided my hair was becoming more and more unhealthy from dying it so many times. It seemed I was dying it every two months just because the roots were red while the rest of my hair was dark and that drove me nuts. So I finally decided to go back red, my natural color and grow it out long. Even though I had a hard time with it at first (I hated it after Julee dyed it) I'm starting to get more and more use to it and am actually starting to like it. I'm sure you've all heard that red heads are becoming more and more extinct. I've looked at articles and some say that red heads will become extinct by 2100, some say they'll become extinct by 2060. One article even said red head genes "will dilute out and become rare, but there are a variety of other factors that can change hair color that are not really understood well right now." It may be true, it may not be. All I know is that I'm one of the 4% of the world's population that have red hair and I feel lucky.


Brenda said...

I think you are beautiful as a redhead, and you know how your dad feels about it.

Amy said...

I love your hair too. And I married a redhead (kind of). Cute background-where did you find it?